My paintings and digital collages migrate between water, sky and land merging memories of near and far. Exploring the idea of navigating to a place where something new begins, yet where all times co-exist, the works become a form of continuous renewal, moving towards a source that is constantly moving like a river, but composed of memories.
My paintings exist in a dreamlike state between two worlds creating a weightless, fleeting moment. Built upon memories of growing up in Cyprus, I compose an abstract image of a vivid memory of a place that is in sharp contrast to my current surroundings in Brooklyn. Feeling a strong allure to re-experience and reinterpret the terrain, I attempt to capture movement in nature and dissipating phenomena.

My site-specific fabric installations recreate the mood, structure and graduated colors of my paintings. Similar to the way animals protect themselves and match their surroundings with the camouflaged colors of their feathers, scales or fur, the works create a indeterminate space that partially obscures, yet also reveals a blurred vision of a personal memory of a place once lived.
The Digital collages mix elements of my paintings with photographs of places that allude to a personal mythology in order to form a tension between real and artificial and create an atmosphere that glimpses the outlines of another world beneath the surface.
In a pursuit to investigate personal relationships to cultural dislocation and memory, nature, and site, my work becomes a continuous attempt to build bridges between different worlds and realities, while migrating between water, sky and land.
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